Introducing Pickleball to your Community

This paper talks about overcoming objections to building pickleball in communities, it based on common objections and how to answer them.  The information has helped build exclusive pickleball courts, and or shared court usage at public parks, schools, HOA’s and community centers.  In the Phoenix Metro we have added over 50 courts in a little over 1 year based on this information.

Papers Related to Education

I am currently the Regional Ambassador for Education in the Southwest Region.  The role is to create common best practices and develop a plan of action that will allow us to bring pickleball back into schools more effectively.

The role was created about 6 months ago, but since the beginning of 2017 I have been involved in teaching pickleball to Physical Educators and students at the K-12 and college levels.

The links will give you the steps taken to make this happen.  We have been very successful in teaching at workshops, PE conventions school districts and individual schools in Arizona.

I will also be presenting at the Western Conference of PE teachers in Boise, ID this summer, working with SHAPE America.

In total I have taught over 500 PE teachers and over 1,000 students.

The links will bring you to detailed information covering a variety of steps to succeed.

Educational Initiative Summary

Educational Initiative Detailed

Growing Pickleball through schools

Introducing pickleball to education powerpoint

K-12 Curriculum Short Form