Pecos Park Pickleball Jul 2017

Pecos Park Pickleball

Pickleball classes are now available for viewing and adding to your wish list.Battle

Simple go to the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation website, search for pickleball and the full list of classes will be posted for the 2017 Fall Season.

You will have a choice of several options, beginners, intermediate and advance classes, as well a several clinics based on skill levels.

The instructors, who are contracted by the city and have met a vigorous background check and are self-insured, will provide all necessary equipment.  You are welcome to bring your own paddles, but if you do not have one, one will be provided to you to use during the class.

The class ratio is 8:1 meaning there is a limit of 8 students.  This way you are insured quality teaching time.




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