We have added a link for events posting, such as Courts for Classes, Round Robin and League play (coming soon).


This link is not a reservation link.  We are establishing this simply to let you know we are designating 2 groups of 3 courts for Round Robins on the same day and same time.

Round Robins can be scheduled, but no more than 1 week in advance and not the same group for 2 weeks or more on the same day and time.

If Round Robin courts are taken on the day you are seeking you must look for another day or time.

The primary purpose of the courts is to have inclusive open play, and not exclude anyone based on gender, ability, skill level, age or rating.

Please be flexible when others ask to play in.

Click to open Pecos Park Calendar of Events

Play policy for outdoor courts are open play with 4 on 4 off rotation. Each game is limited to 11 points win by 2.  If less than 4 people are waiting you may challenge in.  You may not reserve courts or hold courts.  Please bring your own balls for outdoor play.

(More play policy information is located on site, at the courts.  City of Phoenix Policy Rules are posted there)

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