Kids Summer Camp June 2017

The Pecos Park Community Center ran a Summer Camp for area children during the week of June 26th.  The camp offered various activities including swimming, basketball, and a creative workshop.

For the past 5 years, pickleball has been part of those activities, and 2017 was no exception.

The Pecos Park Pickleball Club gathered volunteers from its membership and were led by Dutch Vander Laan, local USAPA Ambassador and club’s founder.

The first two days children starting at the age of 5 learned a series of skills that are important pieces to develop such things as hand/eye coordination, soft hits and short serves.  The children ran through an obstacle course, practiced ball balance on the paddle and practiced dinks with the volunteers.

Children then took those skills learned and applied them to the final two days where they actually played pickleball.  Six nets were set up and with a volunteer player at each net to help the kids they learned to play.

Practicing dinking to help develop hand/eye coordination
Running through an obstacle course while balancing the ball
Hitting with the instructors
Playing pickleball

Pecos Park Pickleball Schedule

The class schedule for all fall pickleball classes are now available through the site.  Links are set to take you to the registration area and you can start registration at 6pm August 3rd.  You can also register directly at the Pecos Park Community Center front desk.

We are offering 4 Beginner Classes, 2 Intermediate Level Classes, 2 Advanced Level Classes.  We have also made available 3 skill level classes for the following level ratings: 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5.

We can add additional classes based on demand and will offer classes again in the winter and spring sessions starting in January, 2018.

Class sizes are limited to 8 participants.


Pecos Park Pickleball

Why ‘World Class’, because of the people that made it possible.

Its hard to tell who is more excited about these pickleball courts at Pecos Park…two years ago we were only asking for the city to consider allowing pickleball play on the poorly surfaced tennis courts.

In March of 2016, we asked if the city could smooth out the rough surface, they allowed us to mark lines for play and tournaments…we held two there hoping no one complaint.

It turned out people were grateful to play outdoors in a city park where no one was playing prior, not even tennis players.

Then in December of 2016 and the following two months pieces started to fall into place…we took the bold step to have a major tournament and announce it to the pickleball world;  138 players came out to play.

In January we held free classes and clinics, we continued those through April.  We taught over 125 students from Horizon School just down the road.

In March the city gave parks and rec the go-ahead for 16 brand new courts, exclusive…we were shocked.

Two of our ambassadors became vendors to teach pickleball and we now have a full calendar of classes, clinics, referee training seminars and more that will go on through the 2017/2018 season.

The local community asked for and are planning additional tournaments and we will have USAPA sanctioned tournament.

The City of Phoenix wanted Pecos Park and the pickleball program to be a gem for all to see….we can barely wait.