Battle of the Paddle to add Kids Program

The Battle of the Paddle IV, a non-sanctioned pickleball tournament, will be adding a day for kids on Dec 9th

The tournament schedule includes Women’s and Men’s Doubles on Dec 6 & 7, and Mixed Doubles Dec 8.

December 9th, originally scheduled for a Rain Day will feature a day for kids of all ages, 17 and under and will feature a kids only tournament, skills and drills and demonstrations.

Steve Manolis, Tournament Director for the event, and Regional Ambassador for Education will be working with the Arizona Health and Physical Education organization and other local schools to create the event.

Details will be forthcoming but the event itself is designed to increase awareness of pickleball at the grammar school and high school level.

The growth of pickleball is highly depended on the depth of involvement with the schools and school aged children.

According to Steve, organizers of the event will be seeking donations in the form of new and used pickleball equipment, including balls, paddles and nets.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.

To register for the Battle of the Paddle IV go to or just come watch

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